5 Fall Outfit Ideas That Are Both Comfy and Cute

Fall fashion is all about layering multiple pieces, donning knit accessories and incorporating darker neutrals and statement colors into your wardrobe. In most climates, fall means covering up more and wearing thicker layers to keep up with the decrease in temperature. However, it can become a task to keep things both comfortable and fashionable while the weather continues to get cold.

The good news is that it’s totally possible to stay comfy, warm and stylish all at the same time. The key is to choose each part of your outfit carefully and create a harmonious balance between all of these elements. If you’re in a style or closet rut, we’ve got you covered on inspiration as well. Here’s what you need to know about creating cute and comfortable fall outfits.

Stock Up on Versatile Must-Haves

Before you start to brainstorm full outfits, take a minute to think about what you already have. Take inventory of items you have more than one of (like black jeans, solid-colored sweaters, etc.) and also note what you don’t have but think you’d be able to wear with multiple outfits. From there, make a wish list to have next to you when shopping online or to take with you next time you go out shopping or thrifting. Don’t forget to stick to your list and set a budget. You can find stylish and comfortable clothes for women within any price range!

If you’re not sure where to start with fall wardrobe staples, you’re not alone. Actually, it can vary based on where you live, what you do most days and your own personal style. Having said that, here are a few basics that you might like to include in your own fall wardrobe for easy and comfy everyday outfits:

  • Skinny Jeans: Because so many sweaters, jackets and tops get big and bulky in cooler weather, it’s nice to balance it out with a pair of fitted jeans. Plus, you can wear them with all kinds of different fall boots. Bonus points for comfort if you go for a pair of jeggings or any pull-on style without a zipper or buttons.
  • Oversized Sweater: These look great with leggings or jeans and can be found in just about any color. You can style it as a dress with tights underneath, too!
  • Soft Cold-Weather Accessories: There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy blanket scarf and a beanie. You can always style these up with jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories to elevate the look.
  • Tall Flat Boots: Keep things comfy while looking effortlessly chic in a pair of leather or suede knee-high boots. Keep the heel flat or very low for maximum comfort.
  • Go-To Fall Bag: Instead of spending more on multiple accessories, invest in one great fall bag you can wear with anything. Slouchy hobo bags add a finishing touch to any perfectly undone look made up of comfy pieces.

Now that your closet is stocked with versatile and comfy pieces, you can start getting creative! Put together a few cozy-chic outfits for the office, running errands, brunch, shopping or any other casual event or occasion. Remember: It’s totally okay to mix workout clothes, athleisure, lounge pieces and nicer clothing in the same outfit. Here are five fall outfit ideas that are both comfy and cute.

  1. Leggings + Boots + Sweater: A tried and true outfit combination, the leggings and sweater pairing will hopefully remain a fashion favorite forever. Pair comfy and supportive leggings with a long sweater or cardigan and add boots to elevate the look. Take things up another notch with a long necklace or drop earrings.
  2. Mesh Shirt + High-Waisted Jeans + Sneakers: If you’re looking for something edgy you can wear out at night, go for this combo. Keep things fashionable and comfy by layering a lace bralette underneath your shirt. High top sneakers and black jeans will make the outfit look nicer while keeping you comfy all night.
  3. Collared Shirt + Soft Everything: Making a button down collared shirt the focal point of your outfit will allow you to maximize comfort in every other area. Go for boyfriend jeans or leggings on the bottom and layer a soft sweater over the collared shirt for a menswear-inspired look that is perfect for an afternoon of shopping or running errands.

  1. Soft Fabrics + Trendy Jacket + Big Bag: Go BIG with this outfit that embraces all things oversized. Grab your go-to fall bag and pair it with a layer of soft stuff, like cotton trousers, velvet leggings, a fleece sweater or a big flannel. Balance out the oversized items by adding in a fitted element (like wearing a fitted turtleneck with wide leg pants) and finish it off with a comfy fall jacket.
  2. Miniskirt + Flats + Chunky Sweater: For nicer occasions where you still want to stay comfy, pick out a mini skirt and sweater combination that you love. Go for sheer tights underneath or fleece-lined leggings if it’s extra chilly. Take advantage of your thick sweater fabric and go for a soft t-shirt bra underneath.

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