7 Tips to Maintain Your TV Set In 2022

A good TV service makes all the difference in the world. It makes sure that all your entertainment needs are met, you are served hot news every single time you log in and so much more. The world of entertainment is limitless when it comes to cable and the TV services that it provides. From Xfinity to Spectrum and AT&T, all the main TV service providers in the industry offer unique and interesting plans and packages, with plenty of add-ons.

Since TV service and cable TV form such a big part of the American entertainment experience, TVs are a big thing too. Anywhere between 50 to 70-inch OLED TV screens are now the new TV norm. And, with good reason too. They give you a perfect arrangement of a theatre within the comforts of your house so much so that you never have to leave your couch! TV will always be a very important part of each household. Hence it is imperative that all TV sets are maintained in the best way possible to help preserve them and make them work the best.

In this article, we discuss some of the basic ways in which you can maintain your TV set to help prolong its life. So let us get to it!

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  1. A Voltage Regulator or Stabilizer Is Your New Best Friend 

Severe voltage spikes are always something to be wary of. They can completely damage your electronic items by frying the wiring inside. Voltage spikes usually happen whenever there are differences in voltage to a high extent. For more information visit this site: cnnnewsworld

Voltage fluctuations may occur at any time, even when there is a continuous power supply. Voltage issues can increase during thunderstorms and lightning as the environment becomes more charged. Hence, a voltage regulator or stabilizer is a good investment. It will not only take care of your television set but also other electronic equipment set up in your house. These include your refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, and microwave. You may also consider getting a surge protector, which is quite economical.

  1. Cleanliness Is the Key to a Happy TV

Dust is a nuisance and can be very annoying for electronic items like TVs too. It gets into the tiny crooks and crannies and blocks the HDMIs and may interfere with other ports too. Not to mention the dust on the screen affects visibility. We recommend that you clean your TV nicely at least once every week. Get some good quality yet gentle cleaning products that are meant for TV sets or screens. Use a soft fiber cloth on the screen to prevent scratching the surface. Avoid the use of water to clean the screens. Sticking with anti-static electricity cleansers is the only way to go.

  1. Let Your TV Sleep When You Do

The life of a TV set is around sixty-five thousand hours on average calculations. Oftentimes, you are actually doing something else but have your TV turned on in the background. And don’t you almost always fall asleep while watching that TV show on Netflix?

It may start with the smallest of habits but this gradually tends to grow into a major habit. A habit that can be quite devastating for your TV set. The life span of your TV will continually spiral just because you keep it on for so long. Make it a habit to turn off your TV whenever you are not using it or if you find yourself sleepy enough to fall asleep while watching. Trust us. Your TV will thank you!

  1. Not All Things in Life Are Too Good When Bright

Screen brightness is something we are all well aware of and it seems so good and comfortable. Who doesn’t like watching a movie in pitch black with only the screen lit up with adventure? Everybody does. However, it is not a good practice to get behind.

Not only does an excessively bright TV screen put a strain on your eyes and give you a headache but it shortens the life of your TV too. Whether it is the conventional TV sets or the modern LED/LCD-based flat TVs, a high brightness meter is a disaster in the making. Cut back on the brightness to optimal levels and earn a grateful prayer from your TV set.

  1.  Breathe – And Let Your TV Breathe Too

Modern flat-screen LED television sets require a decent amount of space for ventilation. This is because such TV sets generate a whole lot of heat due to the amount of electric power used and work done. This in turn can adversely affect the wiring setting inside the TV circuit.

Hence, when you set up your TV keep this tip in mind. Choose large areas with greater ventilation like your living room or den. This will give your TV set an open space so that it cools by itself when you turn it off. Larger areas with TV also protect your TV while you use it since the internal circuit does not heat as much. This directly helps increase the lifespan of your dear TV set. After all, everything needs to breathe, doesn’t it?

  1. Keep the Dust Zombies at Bay

As mentioned above, dust can be very detrimental to the health of your TV, just like it is for your allergies. Cleaning regularly is the way to handle and dusting the TV along with hovering helps a lot. While cleaning, of course, is very important and the very first step, you should also think about a TV cover. You can choose anything you like, a plastic sheet or soft linen, but keep your TV covered when it is not in use. Trust us, it is a game-changer!

  1. Don’t Play With Scissors around Your TV

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be scissors. The case in point is that sharp objects around your TV screen are a recipe for disaster. Modern LED screens are usually very thin, any sharp object like knives or scissors or any such thing can easily scratch or damage them. Which is what you have to protect your TV from. Make sure you keep the sharp objects away from any young children in the house for they certainly can damage your TV and hurt themselves in the process. It is never a safe venture with sharp objects around!

Final Word: Is TV Maintenance Important?

Whether it is your car engine, your TV set, or even you, maintenance is a very important arena of life. To prolong the life of electronic items and help them perform better and more efficiently, maintenance is a must-do. So don’t be afraid to try the tips and tricks we have highlighted here. They won’t harm your TV, only help it do as well as it can. If your TV set is malfunctioning or misbehaving, you can always bust out your warranty card and see if that helps!

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TV sets are no different than any other electronic equipment. With the increase in TV services, day after day with on-demand content making the cut too now – things cant be direr. We need TV sets to bring their A-game. And they cannot do so if they are not well maintained. So, start using these TV maintenance tips and tricks and see how your entertainment life changes for the better?

After all, who exactly likes paying for a new TV every year?

Not us!

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