DIY: Create Your Recipe to Remove Dark Spots

If you are a teenager or someone who just got into their puberty, seeing some giant acne on your skin after waking up will be a common and the most irritating issue for yourself. The further disturbance is felt when the zits form black spots, and our hand subconsciously goes to the places and scratches them, which makes it even worse. These dark spots, if not removed, can be permanent and it looks disgusting on our face. Nowadays, people do laser treatment and surgery, but in some cases, the laser can be disastrous as it may cause cancer due to radiation. So conscious people opt for a different procedure.

Salicylic acid and BHA’s have proven effective, but they always remain a question of side effects and cost. Also, if we run out of those during an emergency, that can be not very pleasant. So, homemade l skincare products with natural ingredients can be both soothing and purifying

for ready-to-use, budget-friendly treatment.

Dark spots: Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, are the aftermath of fungal, cystic acne where excessive melanin is formed, and the spot turns black. A few natural but time-consuming ways to minimize dark spots are explained:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Cider vinegar contains lactic acid, which works as a dark spotlightener. For this, dip a cotton ball in a solution made of 1:4 amount of vinegar and water andrubsmoothlyontotheaffectedareas.Also,youcanaddafewdropsofvinegarintoa spray bottle of 250 ml full of water and use it as atoner.

Lemon and Yoghurt mask:

Lemon is a natural bleach, and yogurt is an ideal cleanser. As lemon is packed with vitamin C, it kills the germs and beaches the spots. For this mask, use one tablespoonofyogurtand½teaspoonoflemonjuice.Applyitwithanapplicatorbrush and leave for 15 minutes and pat dry. Repeat twice a week for quick results.

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Aloe Vera:

Known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, aloe vera is a solution to multiple skin problems. Take fresh aloe vera gel and smear it on your whole face and keep it until it dries. You can apply this before bath and wash off with lukewarm water followed by cold water. But first, check if you are allergic to aloe vera, or it may increase the damage level.

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Sea Salt: This stuff is not quite famous, but sea salt can extract excessive oils and absorb the toxins that cause bacteria. Both scrub and saltwater can be used for this purpose. For a scrub, mix a quarter cup of salt with half a cup of olive oil and scrub gently becauseharshscrubbingcancutyourface.Followthisonceaweek.Andfordailyuse,mix one-fourth amount of salt with a cup of water and splash your face with it after cleansing every-time.

Although we are absent-minded, we often scratch or poke our dark spots, and when the layer comes off, it does look clean, but afterward, the location becomes more black. Habitual change should also be maintained along with a skincare routine. Only then can you bid on dark spots from your skin and enjoy your teenage years without any headache.

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