FIVE88 Promotion – Summary of HOT Events 2023

nhà cái five88 promotion is being sought after by a large number of players because of the extremely high value of the accompanying bonus. In the article below, we will update you with the hottest super events at this bookie. Stay tuned to learn about new programs and some notes when signing up for promotions.

1. FIVE88 promotion, 100% first deposit bonus

This is one of the promotions that are being responded with the most enthusiasm from FIVE88’s player community. To get all the information you need to know about this event, please follow the content below.

Excitingly super awesome FIVE88 promotion

1.1 Promotion information

Promotion FIVE88 first deposit bonus will be applied to all new members who have successfully registered and transacted at the house. Accordingly, players will have the opportunity to receive a 100% bonus up to 15,000,000 VND depending on the number of points loaded into the account.

FIVE88 promotion for first deposit bonus

To successfully withdraw the bonus, you will need to complete a minimum of 20 rounds of re-bet turnover. This means that, if we deposit 1,000,000 VND, we will receive another 1,000,000 VND. At that time, the total cumulative bet players need to complete is 2,000,000 x 20 = 40,000,000 VND.

Besides, the bonus from this FIVE88 promotion will not be applied to some products. These can be mentioned as Card Game, Online Casino, Mini Game, Exploding the God of Fortune, Baccarat, Tai Sieu, …

1.2 Conditions for receiving rewards

To participate in FIVE88’s 100% first deposit bonus offer, players need to make sure they haven’t participated in any previous events. In addition, you need to deposit at least 50,000 VND for the first transaction. The system will base on these factors to give FIVE88 promotions to members.

Besides, players need to ensure valid bets when participating in FIVE88 Sports halls. Draw bets, double or void bets, void bets or bets with odds against the rules will not be accepted.

2. Place your bets and get super refunds at FIVE88

In addition to the above FIVE88 promotion, the bookie also deploys an unlimited refund program for members. All information related to this event will be shared with players shortly.

Preferential rain from the bookie FIVE88

2.1 Promotion information

Specifically, when participating in the products provided by FIVE88, you will have the opportunity to receive a cashback rate of up to 1.58%. In addition, the refund amount will be calculated based on the wagering turnover of each game as follows:

Categories that calculate 1.58% refund rate for 100% of revenue: ATOM, Big Hilow, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Keno, Number Game, Dial.

Xem : khuyến mãi five88

Promotion FIVE88 refund 1.58% for 60% of revenue applied to products: Lottery, Horse racing.

Products with 1.58% refund for 25% of revenue are: Exploding jars, Shooting fish, Big Sic, Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Cool Stew, Dragon Tiger, Roulette.

In addition, the program does not apply refund to the revenue of Online Casino, Card Game, Super Speed Lottery, Fruit Slots and VGaming. The bonus will be updated into the player’s account by the system at 11:45 a.m. daily in Vietnam time zone.

2.2 Conditions for receiving rewards

To register for the FIVE88 promotion with 1.58% refund, you need to ensure that you have not received the 100% deposit bonus. In addition, strictly comply with the regulations on wagering turnover for unlimited refunds.

In addition, players need to ensure valid bets on Sports, Keno and Number Game products. Tie bets, double-headed bets or canceled bets, etc. will not be accepted.

3.Notes when receiving promotions from FIVE88

As can be seen, the promotions of the house FIVE88 are extremely high quality. Whether you are a new member or a member who has been with you for a long time, you will receive very expensive rewards. However, in order to successfully sign up for the offer, there are a few more things to keep in mind:

Absolutely do not register multiple accounts for the purpose of profiteering from promotions from FIVE88. If discovered, the player will be permanently locked out of his account, and the system will withdraw all bonuses.

Make sure to complete the required wagering turnover to successfully withdraw the bonus from the FIVE88 promotion. In case of deliberately requesting payment when the betting round is not met, the member’s account may be temporarily locked.

Within 30 days after receiving FIVE88’s 100% deposit bonus, if a player requests to cancel the promotion without completing enough revenue, the account will be deducted from 0 VND.

The dealer also reserves the right to change, suspend or completely terminate all bonus programs without prior notice to the player. Therefore, you should follow the promotion section of FIVE88 regularly to capture information about events.

In the above article, we have summarized for you the latest FIVE88 promotions of the house. Register to join this prestigious playground today so you don’t miss any HOT events.

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