Get Into the Holiday Spirit with AviaGames’ Christmas Event

Christmas enthusiasts now have even more to celebrate with AviaGames’ Christmas event on their mobile app Pocket7Games. Several mini-games on Pocket7Games will receive a holiday makeover that both newcomers and fans of the mobile game will enjoy. The Christmas event runs from December 13, 2021 until January 2, 2022. 

How Pocket7Games works

AviaGames is the mobile game developer who produced Pocket7Games among many other skill-based legit games. After signing up and choosing which mini-game to participate in, players get matched with other real players based on skill. This adds to the fun, instead of leaving someone feeling it was way too easy or hard to win. 

How to win money

Winning money is easy with Pockety7games! For example, when playing Bingo Clash, an individual gets paired up with 4 other players. If a player places first, second, or third, they get rewarded. These rewards can later be used to participate in free cash tournaments to play games for cash

The Christmas Event

During the limited holiday Christmas event, users can expect to see a whole revamp of the game. Backgrounds of Bingo Clash will feature snowy villages with snowmen and holiday lights. Solitaire Clash will have some wreaths and holiday lights decorating the screen. Dice Tour will show a holiday-themed under the sea tournament option among others. 

Players can win up to $500 bonus cash when playing Dice Tours, but this will only last until January 2, 2022! Logging in daily gives players extra rewards in the form of sparkles that allow them to play even more Dice Tour. When logging in, there will also be an opportunity to spin the wheel for a chance to win a new iPhone 13 or a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The Christmas fun doesn’t end there, though! More holiday events will be released throughout the event period, with special log-in awards, unlimited deposits, limited seasonal offers, mini-games to win more cash, and more. For those who want to play with friends, for each friend a player refers, they receive 100 extra sparkles to use to play in free cash tournaments. 

Holiday Fun at Pocket7Games

AviaGames is hosting its annual holiday event on Pocket7Games. This event runs from December 13, 2021, until January 2, 2022, and features everything that makes the holiday season so great! Holiday light and other smaller decor can be found featured on a player’s screen while playing Solitaire Clash. 

Individuals can play games for cash during this holiday season while taking advantage of the extra rewards this event offers. Play real money bingo with a snowy village in the background, or participate in a Christmas-themed dice tour. Get matched with real players on skill-based legit games and play games for cash

Making money has never been easier. Whether someone needs some extra to buy another present or simply wants to buy themselves a peppermint mocha, both are possible by playing online and winning cash during Pocket7Games’ Christmas event!

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