Halloween Fashion & Trends You Can Follow This Year

Halloween originated from the Celtic festival Samhain. It is held annually on 31st October, and now more than ever, Halloween is celebrated worldwide by all Christians as a fun and spooky holiday. People trick or treating, pull pranks, enjoy feasts and candies, decorate their houses with carved-out pumpkins and ghost silhouettes, etc. Although not everywhere are the celebrations the same. IN some countries, during Halloween, people remember the dead. One of the attractions of Halloween is dressing up as ghosts and other frightening beings. But the evolution of dressing up has led people to go overboard with ideas. Nowadays, anyone can dress up as anything. It’s not limited to the haunted aspect of it. People even dress up as celebrities, tv show characters, fictional characters, famous cartoons, etc.


Ireland is one of the countries that love to celebrate this festival. And since it has always been around there, it’s very familiar to them and part of their culture. Another country that is big on celebrating Halloween is undoubtedly America. Americans love to celebrate it, and the population spends hundreds and thousands of dollars behind its preparation.

Trends through the years

Halloween fashion changes every year, and every era has its charm because it is based on whatever or whoever is popular and in the talks of people. In the early 80s’ blood and other gory stuff were pretty demanding in terms of the aesthetic of Halloween. Masks, white bedsheets, lanterns, etc., are still some of the classic go-to looks.

From political figures to school uniforms, people use this occasion to put on costumes at present, and it’s less about the magical effect and more about dressing up and exaggerating the process of it and enjoying with friends and family.

However, Halloween is not only about the costumes. People usually start planning and spending on decor about a month earlier. People spend on costumes, candies, decor plans, makeup, etc. Not to mention house decoration for Halloween is almost a must for most people. Another fascinating fact would be that pet owners love to get costumes for their pets. A survey conducted by American Pet Products Association (APPA) in 2019-2020 revealed that about 85 million Americans own pets. The amount of money spent in this area for their pets in a festival sure does boom businesses for some others.

There are also unisex costumes, especially for kids who want to dress up as anything and everything. Superheroes, cartoon characters usually are their target.

Halloween Party and Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are a big hit, especially during Halloween, since the season is all about vampires, ghosts, spirits, and other nonhuman spooky beings. A lot of people also prefer to throw parties in their houses. Recently celebrities and famous tv personalities have been in the news during Halloween for holding parties. The Halloween party is all about celebrating with your friends and family, play games, tell ghost stories, and just overall an excuse to be with your close ones in fancy costumes. Of course, during this time around of the year, amidst restrictions for Covid19, even if not many parties may be held, Halloween will remain just as much fun.


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