They say that lingerie, even the most unusual and beautiful, is not necessary for sex, but it is “useful” for creating your sexual image. And that’s hard to argue with.

The main task of leather erotic lingerie is to add playfulness, eroticism, and a suitable intimate mood to your sex life. If the goal of a girl or a woman is to conquer and surprise her man, then sexy lingerie will cope with this task perfectly.

Why we choose leather underwear

Not every woman decides to choose lingerie harnesses, as it is often associated with BDSM culture, punk or gothic. However, it is not at all necessary to immediately choose the most revealing outfits, legs garter, thigh garter, bondage lingerie, open crotch panties, BDSM handcuffs. The minimalistic design of leather lingerie will be spectacular enough to give your image a sexy and unusual look.

After all, the “zest” is in the material itself, since leather products on the female body in the subconscious of men are associated with a female warrior, a female conqueror or a female goddess. A woman feels confident in leather accessories, her posture, gait, and energy change. Think of the beautiful images of Greek goddesses or bold, unbridled Amazons…

Also, erotic lingerie is recommended to be used to revitalize relationships that have lost passion and intensity.

The most important thing in choosing leather underwear is to choose the right one so that it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, as well as how to wear and care for it, and of course, understand in what situations which accessories should be used.

Choose a model according to the type and features of your figure

There are several types of female figure and you need to choose models of leather underwear, adhering to its features. Leather, as we have already said, is a specific material, and underwear made from it is more like decoration, and not for everyday wear. It doesn’t hold the breasts enough, doesn’t add bulk to the push-up, doesn’t have cotton gussets in the right places, and therefore doesn’t cope with the hygienic purposes like other materials.

    But we are talking about a “special” case, so let’s pay attention to how to choose it for this purpose for your body type.

  1. A lean and slender figure – we recommend choosing separate sets of underwear in combination with a belt made of thin straps. Garters and bondage, decorated with chains around the neck and waist, will also look seductive.
  2. Lush figure “spitting size” – piece-work sets of leather underwear in the form of a corset and garters, a bralette with wide details will help to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws, avoid thin straps and elastic bands – they will ugly pinch the body, adding folds, spoil your appearance and mood.
  3. Flabby body – if you have not yet toned your body, but at the same time want to be seductive, choose supportive and slimming models of leather underwear like corsets and lingerie bondage, pay attention to the presence of adjusting straps, because when you put your body in order, you will need careful adjustment for comfortable wearing.
  4. The figure “apple”, “pear” – if your top and bottom figure are different, then you better choose a set of different details of the harness bra and panties. (For example, if the chest is smaller in comparison to the hips, then a bra should be chosen with an abundance of web-like straps, and the bottom is more open, drawing more attention to the hips and roundness. If your chest is lush, and your hips and butt are flat, then choose an open bra to accentuate the bust (you can even afford lingerie with deep cutouts), and enclose the lower part in suspenders made of thin belts or elegant panties).

Remember that the choice of leather harness is individual, and you should listen to your own feelings, and not the opinion of friends and acquaintances. You should like your linen, and at the same time sit comfortably: straps and fasteners should not dig into the skin, material and paint should not cause irritation and rashes, the edges should also not injure the skin and leave scratches. The most successful way is to see what models are available and order the option you like according to your individual sizes. Leather lingerie is an exclusive item of an erotic nature, so you need to chase not for quantity, but for quality.

Leather lingerie is an exclusive item of an erotic nature, so you need to chase not for quantity, but for quality.

If you find it difficult to make a choice, then seek help from trusted brand consultants. Our Obsessharness online store is always happy to help you find harnesses for women, belts and lingerie for your wildest erotic fantasy.

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