Jewellery Trends for 2022

We love reinventing our look and eyeing up new trends for the year ahead. Though 2022 is well underway, it’s not too late to try your hand at the current trends and put a new spin on your aesthetic. Experimenting with your style is what fashion is all about – it’s time to reimagine yourself. Though personal style is closely studied by fashion influencers and trendsetters alike, sometimes jewellery trends just get amiss. But why?

Jewellery truly elevates your outfit and adds texture. A basic tee and jeans outfit can be transformed by layering necklaces, adding a choker or stacking rings. It’s a forever purchase that will stand the test of time. Your wardrobe may change, but you can build on a jewellery collection without having to swap out pieces. If you’re trying to adopt slow fashion, but still be playful with your style, jewellery is the way to do it.

Read on to find out the jewellery trends for 2022, and be ready to get hooked…

Pearl necklace

The pearl necklace has made a return and it’s here to stay! Once an iconic, vintage piece, has now been given a new lease of life and has become a popular piece again. Let the pearls do the talking by pairing them with a minimalist look, layering it under a shirt collar, or alone with a sexy mini dress and oversized blazer. One thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong with a pearl necklace. And with the rise of the ’Pearlcore’ trend, it will still be on-trend for seasons to come!

Silver metal

Though gold seems to have been preferred in recent years, silver is now an emerging trends. Once an overlooked metal, silver gives an edgy, punk feel. Think unconventional – twists, bulky chains and geometric shapes for this trend. However, that isn’t to say that yellow gold is over and done however . You can even mix your metals for a daring and maximalist look.


Remember those bead bracelets that we loved as 90’s kids? Well, they’re back but in a more stylish, mature form. This Y2K-inspired trend is a playful one that will allow you to really personalise your jewellery. Add small charms and stack them with your silver and gold jewellery for a look that packs a punch.


Hoops come in so many shapes and sizes. Once deemed cringy, hoops are in, and they’re not going anywhere. Choose your size – huggies are perfect for those who are looking for something discreet, while oversized hoops make a statement elevating your more minimalist looks. You can even stack your huggies and team them with hoops – the more, the better according to the maximalist trend!

Arm cuffs

Arm cuffs are perfect for your summer look. Team your white maxi dress or a swimsuit with a gold arm cuff for a very Cleopatra-inspired outfit. Designer houses such as Prada, Fendi and Etro have been showcasing their work on the runway, making us want to jump on the trend! This look has even been adapted for the wintertime by Loewe and Bottega Veneta to compliment your long-sleeved knits and shirts.

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