KuCoin Guide About XLM Cryptocurrency

Due to the robust technology and marvelous design, KuCoin is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange in today’s world. KuCoin is one of the convenient service providers for beginners. KuCoin also supports non-custodial trading from your wallet directly. The KuCoin updates you about the real market information via notification you set through the KuCoin app. KuCoin supports multiple languages for people living in different parts of the world alongside more than 200 currencies. KuCoin also allows you not to disclose your personal information while operating their platform. In this situation, you must have some limitations. However, your identity remains anonymous. KuCoin adds more than 700 Altcoins to their site, and we are here to discuss one of them in detail.

Stellar (XLM) Cryptocurrency

With a market capitalization of around 2.67 Billion USD, XLM is an open-source, public network that provides the best transaction experience to its users. They indicate the power of decentralized cryptocurrency transfer of money, which is a faster and more efficient way of transaction. XLM is a token related to the Stellar network. XLM transfers money easier in different parts of the world than fiat currencies. Also, the transaction fee is very low for cross-border transactions in a stellar network. After Stellar partnership with IBM, it’s become a more promising project in the cryptocurrency world. 

Usage Of Stellar (XLM)

The Stellar network uses XLM and Lumen to prevent the fraud activities of their platform. Every account created on this network should buy 1 XLM minimum. XLM act as the native seller of Stellar, so the users who prefer Stellar infrastructure for their transaction must convert their assets into XLM. Stellar also offers grants in the form of XLM coins to the individuals who join their ecosystem and support their coins. 

A Place To Buy XLM Safely

There are many exchanges, and cryptocurrency provides a platform to buy XLM. However, if you want to buy them more conveniently and safely, KuCoin is the best suitable site for you. Here we discuss very simple steps you follow by XLM at KuCoin. First, you must register your KuCoin account and verify it via the KYC program. Now you have to add funds to your KuCoin account. There are two options available for you. Firstly, you must buy USDT via PayPal, credit and debit card, and several other payment methods, including P2P. In the second option, you can transfer your existing cryptocurrencies like BTC, USTC, KCS, etc. Then have the option to buy XLM on the spot or future.


KuCoin, the biggest crypto market giant, always provides the best service to its users. KuCoin always recommends their user verify their accounts fully for their best protection. On the other hand fee structure of KuCoin is very easy to understand. KuCoin charges a very low fee during trading. Also, if you buy or sell cryptocurrency via the P2P method, they will charge no platform fee from you. In this article, we discussed one of the spectacular coins of the crypto world named XLM, listed on KuCoin.

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