London Fashion Week, All You Need to Know About It

Fashion shows are top-rated globally and are the center of media attention. One of the most famous fashion events that have immense fame worldwide is the London fashion week. The London fashion week is a cloth trading show and is one the most significant events worldwide, making its way into the top 4 fashion events.

London fashion week is always the talk of the town and the week of unrevealing new fashion statements. Hence, here’s a rundown of all the exciting news about this year’s unique collection of London fashion week.

  • Emerging talents

Due to the absence of two of the leading brands, Burberry and Victoria’s Secret, new talents became the spotlight of the entire show. These designers were mainly from London’s high-status Central Saint Martin’s fashion school. Though the works of these designers are new and they are just beginners, the pieces of clothing displayed in London Fashion week were marvelous.

Designs were unique, and the display of colors throughout the week was admired even by the harshest critics. One of the most remarkable designs was seen in Chet Lo’s giant brightly colored bags, and designer NensiDojaka’s costumes also received immense praise. Hence, needless to say, this year’s fashion week was indeed a fruitful event for the newcomers.

  • Ecological awareness

Despite the popularity of the fashion industry, we also have to take into account that this industry has occupied the third position when it comes to creating pollution. Hence during this year’s fashion week, we saw some fundamental changes occurring.

Designers spoke against this contribution to wastage in their own creative ways. Some designers like Canadian Edeline Lee used clothes from her previous works in the fashion week, hence reusing her clothes instead of throwing them away.

Another designer, Phoebe English, used recycled stuff while creating her collection and also used natural colors. Her group used ecological resources throughout and made a powerful protest against pollution in a creative way. These designers promoted the use of eco-friendly products in fashion throughout the week.

On the other hand, designers like Osman Yousefzada used threads made from sustainable resources in their clothes. Hence the designer created a robust framework on the usage of ecological resources in fashionable items. It was also a huge step towards promoting the use of natural resources.

  • Optimism and vitality

Pandemic had a disastrous effect worldwide and has taken a lot away from people. The Covid restrictions were also extremely tough and were a whole new change people needed to adapt to. Hence, designers swarmed the fashion week with lively, bright colors to rejoice in lifting these harsh restrictions and to situations getting back to normal.

Intricate repetitive patterns and vivid colors were beautifully showcased throughout the whole show. The apparel also celebrated diversity, and the fantastic colors uplifted the mood of the entire show. Neon colors and natural hues were also a crowd favorite this year. Hence we are bound to say that London’s fashion week uplifted everyone’s mood with dazzling colors.





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