Relationship Between Arts and Present Fashion

The impact of fashion and art is a certainty, as the two not only orbit around the same creative sphere but are also deeply rooted in self-expressionism. However, this trend is nothing new; the methods have been caught in a rich, give-and-take connection for centenaries, extending past barriers and cultures to bring global attractions to every closet.

Although it is intriguing to pursue the connection linking art and fashion back to Ancient Egypt, which history tells us is its roots, we need not go that far to discover how the two have tremendously influenced the concept and development of creatives of the antiquity and instant. The following paragraphs illustrate how art and fashion have borrowed from similar tendencies in the last century and how they recommence to motivate one another to this day.

1937: Elsa Schiaparelli Collaborates With Salvador Dali

Previous to the second world war, Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the most prominent figures in fashion, possessing a capricious nature and unstoppable originality. Given her qualifications, it seemed only befitting that she partnered with Salvador Dali, the same incentive behind many of her designs, to create the legendary Lobster dress.

Notwithstanding, their collaboration did not obstruct there. Dali inspired the fashion enterprise, designed the Shoe Hat, which symbolized women’s high heel shoes. Once Schiaparelli accomplished the design, the hat was paraded by Dali’s wife, Gala, in Schiaparelli’s Winter 1937–38 catalog.

2011–12: Alexander McQueen Channels Victorian Goth

Alexander McQueen was distinguished not only for his compositions but also for his unbridled enthusiasm for classical art. Throughout his occupation, McQueen consolidated unique establishments, ideas, and even displayed art into his runway exhibits, efficiently demonstrating his commendation for all things nostalgic of avant-garde vogues.

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Shortly after his passing, one of McQueen’s chief designers and now-creative director, Sarah Burton, paid eulogy to her guide by revealing an intricately composed ballgown, which was adorned with lace appliques and caused by the gowns highlighted in John Callcott Horsley‘s oil painting, Critics on Costume, Fashions Change. The gown was nominated as The Dress of the Year in 2011, and Burton conclusively prevailed as the Designer of the Year at the 2011 British Fashion Awards.

2010-Present: Chuks Collins

Born in the United Kingdom and growing up in Nigeria, Chuks Collins has remained fascinated by fashion from a very young age. He carried that enthusiasm with him throughout his life and sequentially originated his attire line in 2010. Chuks’ long-term purpose is to enable others over his designs while letting his interests radiate through every piece.

By its nature, Chuks has fascinated motivation from a fraction of distinguished art styles, such as essentially classical paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance. Specific examples can be detected throughout his previous Fall/Winter compilation and his Spring/Summer series.

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The link linking fashion and art spreads more profound than some may apprehend, and their involvement will not be disappearing any time immediately. After all, it is inescapable that brands obtain and sustain a connection in today’s fast-paced modern world. Accordingly, further and further, brands are achieving stimulus from and colluding with other artisans to retain their lines definite, contemporary, and at the vanguard of the society’s mind.

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