Top 5 bookmakers offer free to new players

It can be said that the search for the The bookmaker offers free bets When registering to participate in betting, it is something that every brother is interested in. In the article below New88 will summarize for you the top 5 reputable and quality bookmakers as well as provide many criteria for gamers to easily choose to bet, let’s follow along.

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Fun88 is considered The bookmaker offers free bets The largest in the market and favored by brothers. Since its launch until now, this playground has always been in the top of bookmakers offering promotions and the best gifts. In particular, the location also successfully developed separate reward software through social networks, you can play games to receive gifts and gift codes regularly through both phone and computer devices.

Activities of The bookmaker offers free betsFun88 has left a big reputation in the betting community. Accounts that are successfully registered will have the opportunity to immediately receive money, allowing players to participate in several different games without needing their own capital.

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W88 is also a betting platform with outstanding economic potential in Asia. On the other hand, this place is still there The bookmaker offers free bets and is a sponsor of famous football teams such as Aston Villa, Crystal Palace,…

Experienced bettors affirm that all W88 products are extremely high quality and ensure prestige to users. To develop and expand further, this game portal has offered many attractive incentives, the most prominent of which is receiving promotion-free money up to 900,000 VND. However, you need to register and have your information successfully confirmed by the system for the reward to be saved to your wallet.


It would be remiss to mention it The bookmaker offers free bets but ignore KB8. This is considered a famous betting address around the world. If you are a new member, you will have the opportunity to immediately receive 100,000 trial coins and attractive gifts.

In addition, for each successful friend referral and share, you will receive an additional scratch card worth 50,000 VND. With investment in transactions and product introduction to consumers, this playground has received great love from gamers.

In addition, BK8 also offers free capital to members who have been with the longest. The most notable of these is the 200% welcome bonus for new members when depositing money for the first time. You can use your capital to challenge betting on attractive games.


M88 is a long-established website with many great promotions that every bettor cannot miss. Established in 2003, this is a location licensed to operate and has a certificate of quality and legality by the Philippines.

When it comes to The bookmaker offers free bets, you will feel overwhelmed and impressed by the super interesting betting products and sharp graphic interface images. In addition, there are countless high-value slot games waiting for you to explore

One advantage that attracts connoisseurs at M88 is the huge vouchers, including the indispensable free money giving event. You just need to register an account and verify your account as required by the house to receive a free amount of 200,000 VND. Besides, every time you log in to take attendance at The bookmaker offers free bets M88, you will have the opportunity to win the lucky spin and the opportunity to earn a lot of money in your pocket.

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FB88 is oneThe bookmaker offers free bets leading reputation in Vietnam and creating a hot hit fever for a long time. Therefore, when it comes to this betting field, almost everyone knows about it. The playground has quickly made an impressive mark on the gaming community with its massive, quality game store. Furthermore, with its great potential, FB88 is also the sponsor of a number of famous football teams in Europe.

If you are a new member and register, you will receive 100,000 VND in bets. In addition, there are thousands of other attractive incentives such as 200% bonus for the first deposit, lottery prizes at casinos with high bonus%,…

Above are the top 5 This one offers free bets but New88 listed for you all to learn about and choose from. Hopefully this section will help you gain more experience, thereby making the right decision to choose a reputable betting floor for yourself.

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