Top Essentials for a Beach Day Outfit

Few summer activities beat spending blissful hours beachside, toes in the sand and an invigorating saltwater breeze caressing your skin. But looking effortlessly chic while lounging on the shore requires carefully curating the right beachwear pieces.

Protective Sun Hats

Since harsh ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc fast, providing portable shade for your head, neck, and face needs to top the beach day checklist. A sun hat with an extra-wide brim that flings shade in a 360-degree radius offers exceptional coverage from those skin-damaging rays.

Classic options include oversized floppy styles, sleek visors, or straw fedoras. Just ensure breathable fabrics like cotton or straw so that you don’t overheat. Darker shades also help minimize visible sweat rings as things get steamier throughout the afternoon.

Cover Up Accordingly

While showing skin at the beach is inevitable, smart sun safety still involves covering up frequently with fabrics offering built-in UV protection. Lightweight, breezy, swim shirt cover-ups in rashguard styles made from UPF 50+ fabrics are brilliant solutions for summer adventures. Many now come in relaxed caftan silhouettes or adorable styles perfect for seamlessly transitioning from beach to boardwalk. Just avoid heavy layers that could cause overheating.

Wet-Suit Ready Swimsuits

Damp elastic clinging to skin ranks among beach days’ most uncomfortable nuisances. Circumvent the dreaded sauna suit struggle by selecting swimsuits purposely designed to withstand repeated wet-dry cycles without losing shape.

Quick-drying, chlorine-resistant fabrics with four-way stretch maintain a comfortable fit whether body surfing or sprawled on a towel. Also avoid embellishments and padding that can cause chafing irritation. Keep silhouettes streamlined so you can effortlessly enjoy every beachside splash or sunbathing session.

Cozy Sandy Footwear

While some beach spaces require bare feet, having a backup plan for striding across scorching sands is wise. Water shoes with durable soles insulate tender arches while providing excellent traction and quick drainage.

For pure comfort, options like Tevas, Crocs, or Keens with ample ventilation are ideal for beach going. Even athletic slides could work in a pinch. Just ensure appropriate foot coverage to prevent discomfort if unexpected strolling is required between shore and parking.

Blissful Beach Blankets

To claim your ideal patch of sandy paradise, pack a large, plush beach blanket that offers a soft, impermeable barrier between you and the grainy terrain. Cotton options with sustainable stuffing provide ultimate lounge luxury.

For windy days, look for corner totes filled with sand or weights to anchor blankets down. Built-in pouches also allow you to stash essentials within reach. And don’t forget a compact pop-up sunshade or canopy for extra UV blocking if needed.


Just as vital as hats, a quality pair of sunglasses with full UV defense helps to shield delicate eyes from harmful rays while preventing squinting and unsightly wrinkles. Look for durable polarized lenses that enhance visual clarity by cutting glare off reflective surfaces.

Then have fun with trendy frame styles, whether it’s iconic aviators, oversized visors, or sleek sporty wraps. Since designer sunglasses represent both a serious investment and serious beach day necessity, the experts at Olympic Eyewear┬árecommend sticking to trusted brands known for expert craftsmanship and premium materials.

Sweat-Wicking Ensembles

Between swimsuits and cover-ups, breathable performance fabrics that wick moisture and dry rapidly should be non-negotiable for beach day outfits. Nothing zaps energy and comfort faster than heavy, soaking wet garments weighing you down.

Dress for the humidity by layering lightweight, quick-drying tanks, shirts, and athletic shorts in sweat-wicking blends over your swimwear. That way, you’ll stay blissfully dry and refreshed rather than resembling a damp, disheveled mess by mid-afternoon.


With the right lightweight, skin-safe apparel and smart accessories for your beach trip, you’ll stay cool, comfortable, and photo-ready no matter how many hours the day holds on the shore.

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