What’s the best face shape for round sunglasses?


Since the 1960s’ round frame glasses have been a popular eyewear accessory. Loved by popstar sensations such as; Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, Elton John and Andy Warhol, these influences shot round frame sunglasses to fame. Everyone was wearing them, and even now, in the present day, round frame shape eyewear is still the first choice for many.

However much they are loved, we understand that sometimes, round frame glasses suit some people more than others. This is simply down to how our faces are structured and the positioning and size of our features. So get familiar with different face shapes like square, oval, round, heart or diamond.

However, although these structures sound well-defined, the truth is that not everyone’s facial shape is the perfect heart or square etc. But usually, we can define our faces by comparing features such as pointy chins, jaw lines, cheekbone structures and so on. Once known, you will see the difference that sunglass designs can make for your appearance. So, prepare to trial a few until you find the best pair that compliment your features.

Round frame shape glasses will offer a completely different look, style and feel on every face shape. Yet, although this shape frame might not sit so well on all, there is a couple that they work more seamlessly with than others. This article will discuss the best face shape for round framed glasses.

Which facial shape suits round glasses best?

Finding the right glasses to suit your face can be difficult; however, once you know which suit you, you’ll always have an easy time discovering your next best eyewear look!

Round frame glasses work to compliment bold features and soften those sharper ones, such as a square jawline or high cheekbones. If you have a more round or oval face shape, wearing round frames creates a more balanced and softer appearance, making you more attractive to the eye of others.

But how? Adding curves and circular shapes to your face gives you a little more depth and harmonises your features.

Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, we’ve found, as an eyewear agency, that round-frame shape glasses best suit those with more prominent features. However, as you have a combination of soft and angular lines, most sunglasses shapes suit you meaning you can be a little adventurous too!

Round Face Shape

Round frame eyewear complements soft and curved features whilst it can also enhance them. If this is a look you want to achieve, then round frame shape glasses are for you! We also recommend trying metal, gold or perspex colour frames to keep the sunglasses soft on your face. Whereas, if you were to wear black, blue or red, they would become more blocky and risk overpowering your natural features.


We’ve mentioned that round and oval faces are the best shapes for round sunglasses. It doesn’t mean that someone who doesn’t have those face shapes can’t wear them! We encourage you to try as many shapes as possible and wear

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