Top 5 Hottest Card Games for Withdrawing Money via Bank Card in 2023

Card game with money withdrawal via bank card is receiving enthusiastic reception from bettors. Participating in this card game, you can both relax and entertain and make money effectively every day. Let’s Trang Chủ New88 Discover details in the content below!

Overview of the card game of withdrawing money via bank card

Card games with rewards for withdrawing money via bank cards are currently very diverse, including many attractive titles such as: Southern Tien Len, Poker, Baccarat, Phom,… After winning, you will receive a certain amount of bonus money. , bettors can completely withdraw to their personal bank accounts.

The bonus withdrawal process is extremely safe and secure because the house uses modern encryption and fraud control technologies. Currently, reputable bookmakers providing card games are mostly affiliated with reputable banks across the country such as Vietcombank. BIDV, Vietinbank, Agribank, Sacombank,…. Players only need to register for one of these accounts to be able to withdraw money via bank card quickly and conveniently.

Why is the game of withdrawing money via bank card popular?

It’s no coincidence that card games that draw bonuses via bank cards are so popular, there’s a reason for them. Specifically:

  • These card games have extremely eye-catching interfaces and simple gameplay quite similar to traditional games.
  • Payment is easy because the house connects with most reputable banks, large and small, domestic and international. From there, it brings convenience to card game players to withdraw money via bank cards during the reward transaction process.
  • Bettors can make deposit and withdrawal payment transactions easily and simply, wherever they are.
  • Downloading these prize-winning card games is also very simple, with detailed instructions from the bookmakers.

5 most popular card games for withdrawing money via bank cards

Below is a list of card games with rewards for withdrawing card money via banks, the easiest to play and win today. Quickly choose your favorite game to experience and earn unlimited potential.

Poker card game

Topping the list of most popular card games for withdrawing money via bank cards today is definitely Poker. This prize exchange game requires players to understand the rules as well as certain skills to be able to win bets.

The game will have 4 betting rounds, each player will be dealt 2 private cards and community cards to draw in turn. At the end of the game, whoever has the highest score will win. This is a super attractive form of gambling that trains and challenges the player’s intelligence in each hand.

With this card game, players only need a phone or computer with an internet connection to be able to play the game anytime, anywhere. After winning the bet, the bonus will be automatically transferred to the bank card so players do not need to worry about being scammed.

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Phom card game  

This is one of the card games that withdraw money via bank cards with the largest number of players at online bookies. This card game uses a deck of 52 cards, there will be 2 – 4 participants in a game.

To “catch” all the bonuses from the bookies, bettors must understand the rules and have good memory to remember the cards their opponents play. Know how to arrange cards to capture those cards to create phom and release junk cards that opponents cannot capture.


Head to the South

It can be said that this is a very familiar card game that everyone from young to old knows how to play. Tien Len Mien Nam can not only be played in real life but is also very popular at reputable bookmakers. This card game of withdrawing money via bank card also uses a deck of 52 cards, and has a very simple gameplay.

Accordingly, bettors will be dealt 13 cards. Whoever plays all the cards in their hand first will win. After that, you can completely withdraw money via bank card to use.

Baccarat card game

This card game is highly appreciated by experts and veteran players, and is worth a try. Players will bet on 3 doors: Banker, Player and Tie. If the prediction is correct, bettors will receive a bonus from the house. However, to quickly win bets, players need to understand the rules, practice a lot and learn from experienced players.

Sam Loc

Sam Loc is a card game that withdraws money via bank card with very simple gameplay and high winning rate. Players will use a deck of 52 cards, each person will deal 10 cards. Similar to going to the South, whoever finishes first will win. Then you receive the reward from the house and withdraw money to your bank card to use.


The above article of New88 has shared the list with fellow bettors Card game with money withdrawal via bank card most popular today. Hope you bettors will have exciting moments of entertainment and win lots of bonuses from the bookmakers.

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