Can You Trim Eyelash Extensions? Your Guide From A To Z

Although women often prefer to have long lashes.  But when your clients get a pair of eyelash extensions that are too long on their eyes, it will not be very pleasant.  When glued to the eyes they can stick when they blink.  Also, it may not be reassuring and interfere with their vision.  Once you know these eyelash extensions aren’t perfect for your client, your next step is to trim them.

Trimming the eyelash extension is sometimes a necessary part of the process when your client gets a new pair of eyelash extensions, especially if they are people with smaller eyes.  Typically, eyelash extension manufacturers will make larger sized eyelash extensions specifically so that they can be more suitable for most people.

When a client works with you as an eyelash artist, they might end up with huge lash extensions that look like a Snapchat filter when they get home.  Therefore, you may want to cut or remove them.  But is it safe?  Can eyelash extensions be trimmed?

Eyelash extensions are an easy way to enhance the look of your eyes.  Find out how to trim eyelash extensions to create eye makeup look that flatters the shape of your clients’ eyes.

Eyelash extensions can elevate your clients’ style by making them look like they are wearing mascara or falsies when they are not wearing makeup at all.  However, there is a possibility that they will get lashes that are too long, which can cause discomfort or irritation.  As an eyelash artist, you should never try to trim your clients’ eyelash extensions while they are on their eyes, as you could cut their lashes and damage them permanently.  If your client’s lash extensions are too long and they would like to fix them, let them know they may require a different length on their next appointment.

If your clients feel their extensions are too long, there are other ways to make them work without losing their luscious lashes. So join me to know why you probably should not cut longer lashes, what to do if your extensions are too long, and how to cut long lashes and lash extensions.

Can eyelash extensions be trimmed?

While it is technically possible for your clients to cut their lashes themselves, it is not recommended for a variety of reasons. From aesthetics to safety and branching issues, there are many ways you can ruin natural lashes and lash extensions by trimming them yourself.  Make sure to remind their clients that most people get their desired length lash extensions in the salon.  Therefore, there is no need to modify or cut them at home.

Here are 5 reasons why your clients should never cut their eyelash extensions on their own:

1. Loss of natural eyelash fibers

When your clients cut their lashes on their own, they may accidentally cut their natural lashes.  This is because the extensions stick to the actual lashes.

They also won’t realize they are cutting their lashes until they have done so.

2. The natural lash growth cycle is affected

The moment your lashes are trimmed, the growth cycle of your natural lashes is permanently altered.  Therefore, your real lashes will not grow back as before.

3. Lousy appearance of false eyelashes

Another big disappointment with cropped lash extensions is their weird look.  This happens because clipped lash extensions have a blunt end rather than a cone.

In addition, it’s soft and fluffy appearance disappears completely.

4. Accidental eye damage

Regardless of whether your clients use small scissors or tweezers to trim their lash extensions, using sharp objects near their own eyes is a big no.  This is a bigger problem, especially if they do it independently, regardless of a few strands or the entire set of lashes.

5. Poor final results

As lash extensions makers create lash extension fibers with a natural tapering, it also fades away if you cut around the outer edge or inner corner.  As a result, they will appear randomly at the end.

Why Do People Trim Eyelash Extensions?

Most of the eyelash extension customers do not think about cutting the fibers of the eyelash extensions when doing their lashes.

Otherwise, it’s always easier to inform the lash technician of their concerns and allow them to make corrections when they’re in the salon.  Most people find out after they return home.  Therefore, they try to shorten the length on their own.  As an eyelash artist, it is your duty to explain the reasons why shortening your lashes on your own is a bad idea.

Additionally, eyelash extension manufacturers will make eyelash extension products in different sizes.  The goal is to make sure it’s suitable for everyone.  If your client is a person with small eyes, it’s up to her to decide if she wants to reduce the length.  But make sure they do it in the saloon and not individually at home.

Below are some specific reasons why people cut their eyelash extensions.

1. Eyelash extensions do not match the eye

Most people trim their lash extensions when the lash extension does not match the shape and size of the eyes.

For example, getting extremely curly extension fibers can make smaller eye sizes appear even smaller.

2. New to long eyelash extensions

If your client is getting longer lash extensions for the first time, it may take her some time to get to grips with them.  It is not wrong to feel too different as if it doesn’t fit in.

3. Eyelash extensions that push against the glasses

If you wear glasses, long lashes can often push against the glasses and make your eyes feel weird after a while.

As a result, they may want to trim their lashes within a day or two of receiving them.

4. Long eyelash extension irritates the eyes

Even if you don’t wear glasses, you may feel like your eyelash extensions are too long if they irritate your eyes.  This is especially true if they are significantly larger in size than your lashes.

How do you check if your lash extension are too long?

So your clients have decided to cut their lash extensions, but how long are their lashes really?  Unless you measure at least a few strands, how do you know they are not overreacting to a new style?

The best way to measure your client’s lash extensions before trimming is to use a piece of twine while it is curled.

Finally, check the length with a ruler or tape and you will know the length of your client’s eyelash extensions.

How to trim lash extensions that are too long?

The lash strip may be too wide for your client’s eyes, or the lashes may be a little longer than they would like.  This can result in an unnatural and irritating appearance to the skin.  Therefore, before applying new lashes, trim each strip and strand of lashes for a better look and fit.

While trimming your lash extensions isn’t a good idea, we wanted to highlight the general steps these guides will give you so you can weigh the risks involved in each step.

Step 1

The material you will need

To trim the lash extensions, all you need is a pair of tweezers (with sharp tips) and a small pair of scissors.  In addition, you will also use a mascara wand for a precise trimming, a mirror and eyelash adhesives.

You should clean and disinfect your tools to make it easier to trim the eyelash extensions.  You may be wondering, can eyelash extensions be trimmed with scissors?

Yes, you can trim eyelashes with small eyelash scissors or manicure scissors.  But this is only possible if your hands are perfectly still.  Keep in mind that you risk permanent damage to your eyes or skin every time you twitch

Step 2

Choose the style and shape of your lashes.

Think about the shape and size of your client’s eyes, what they want from the lash extension.  I mean, imagine how they want it to be.

If they are new to lash extensions, let them start with natural ones and gradually move on to thicker or longer lashes to see which one they prefer.

Step 3

Remove lashes from the tray

Using mirrors for this step is essential. Make sure the mirror is level with your face.

Gently separate lashes from the tray and hold them close to your lashes.

Looking in the mirror, you will be able to tell if the lashes are comfortably resting on your lashes or if the lashes look a bit long.

Step 4

Use scissors to cut the tabs.

If your lashes seem too long, use small eyelash scissors to cut a few strands from the outer edge.

It’s best to only cut small amounts at a time, as it can be easy to misjudge and end up cutting too much, making your lashes too short for your clients’ eyes.

After you have trimmed a few lashes, hold it over the lashes again to measure. (I mean cut and keep trying)

Keep pruning as needed and if it looks good, go ahead and glue the tabs.

Repeat this step for the other eye and the lash strip.

Step 5

Apply the lashes

After you cut your client’s lashes to fit, you can apply the eyelash glue on the lashes, remember to wait for the glue to adhere to the lashes before application (it takes about 30-60 seconds).  Using a curling iron, make sure you get as close to your natural lashes as possible.  Press the lash into place and adjust the outer edges to fit.  Then you can use mascara to brush your lashes evenly.

Note: It is recommended to cut the strip from the outside so that it is approximately the same length as the lashes.  And to shorten the lashes yourself, cut them carefully, do not use scissors to cut the same length, but inwards towards the lash strip, so that they look more natural.

What to do for lash extensions that are too long?

When your client’s eyelash extensions are too long, you can advise them to get their next style in a shorter size.  But if you really want to fix their long lashes, the following will help you find a good solution.

1. Try it for a few days

Not everyone loves extra long extensions.  Therefore, it could very well be a stage where they feel indifferent.  Therefore, try to advise them on trying it for at least half a week before completely throwing out long new lashes.

2. Contact the eyelash technician

Your clients may decide to cut their false eyelashes themselves instead of doing it in the salon, it is better to let them know the disadvantages and convince them to come to the salon to get a professional trim.

3. Remove excessively long eyelash extensions

You can always remove current lash extensions if they irritate your eyes or spoil your appearance.

4. Get a new pair

They can also get a new pair of eyelash extensions, preferably in a shorter size or natural looking.  And if they want them to appear thicker or fuller, just apply mascara.

5. Curl the lash extensions

Some people recommend curling lash extensions to make them shorter. However, it is always better to cut the lashes than to curl them because the curling destroys the bond created by the glue.

6. Evaluate length before application

You can also check the length of the lash extensions you intend to apply to your client before doing so.  This way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

7. Advise your clients to always share their concerns with you before the process

Let’s assume your client isn’t a big fan of long eyelash extensions.  If so, you can make a separate appointment to discuss their likes and dislikes first.

How long should eyelash extensions be

Typically, lash lengths fall in the ranges of: short, medium, long and very long.

Shorter than 8 – 9: Short (very natural, usually for inside corner lengths)

10 – 12: Medium (natural mascara look)

13 – 14: Long (Long for a little more oomph!)

15 and up: Very Long (Glamazon Drama)

Choosing the wrong length of eyelash extensions could damage your client’s natural lashes.  Also, they will make them feel uncomfortable and can look creepy.  The lashes can also be too heavy, preventing the lash follicles from growing healthy lashes.  Therefore, when choosing lash extensions, the general rule is that lash extensions should be 3mm to 5mm longer than your natural lashes.

Also, the diameter of the lash extensions should be as close as possible to the diameter of your natural lashes.  The thicker the diameter of your natural lashes, the more drastic the change will be.  So, if your client wants to get a dramatic look with long lash extensions, leave them with a thin diameter.  In this way, they can reduce weight and achieve balance.  In general, the shorter 5-9mm extensions are used for the inner corners or under the lashes, and the 9-13mm extensions are used for most of the set.  Some artists mix lashes longer than 14mm or longer to create a hybrid lash extension.

Of course, many clients want longer lashes, but it is essential to note that the condition of the individual client’s lashes should determine the length of the extension.  It is your responsibility to guide your client if the lashes are too long for their natural lashes as they may cause the extensions to fall out prematurely.

Choose slightly longer lashes for clients with droopy or hooded lids.  Your lashes tend to “hide” under the lids when the eyes are open.  When using more curled false lashes like D and U curls, remember that when the curl is strong, the length of the extension will appear shorter.  Therefore, choose the length of the lash extension according to the curl you are using.


Unlike false lashes or striped lashes, lash extensions offer a more semi-permanent solution. Therefore, it is vital to choose extension fibers that suit your customer’s eyes by speaking in detail with your customer on their next appointment.

Long lashes can be a burden, but when your client cuts the extensions themselves, it puts their eyes even more in danger.  Just like doing eyelash extensions yourself, you have to make them understand that it is not good to cut eyelash extensions alone.  This can be harmful to your natural lashes as they may affect your skin in the process.

Eyelash extensions are an excellent semi-permanent solution for those who want to improve the appearance of their lashes.  Although you can cut lash extensions, it’s super dangerous (obviously) if done without the guidance of a professional lash extension artist.  In addition, they could also end up with shorter but uneven lashes. The best way to prevent this is to carefully select your lash length in the first place.  As an eyelash technician, you need to make sure your clients are open to you and tell you what their goals are.

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