Get Rid of Blackhead at Home with Kitchen Remedies

Almost all of us are familiar with seeing tiny clogged pores of black colors on our noses, chin, and cheeks. Commonly known as blackheads, this skin issue is disturbing to look at. Blackheads are black and dark, and small spots in the clogged, enlarged pores and inside it are tiny sebaceous filaments, the excess sebum, and dead skin cells together. Since these blackheads are sickening to look at, we all want to take it out. The pores can be taken out in several ways.

Generally, using pore stripes is a quick fix, but these strips sometimes make the area of usage irritating and cause dryness. People then use salicylic acid cleansers and salicylic acid treatment to clean the pores, a permanent better method. Clay masks and charcoal masks are also used. But these chemicals are also sensitive to some of the hypersensitive skins. Also, scrubbing can cause injuries in the skin if the scrubbing agents are too sharp. Homemade cleaners with natural ingredients are a good substitute for them. Some of the recipes of cleaners you can make yourself are described for that reason:

  1. Exfoliation with Baking Soda and Honey

Baking soda is a great exfoliator, but keeping it on your skin for a long time can cause dryness. And honey is known to remove blackheads. Since getting rid of blackheads is all about exfoliating and cleansing the dead cells, a mask prepared with these two ingredients can effectively solve this problem. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of honey and apply it with a facial brush, and after a few minutes, rub it and was off. However, this mask is not recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

  1. Milk and Honey Mask

This duo is also a good solution for blackheads. Milk contains lactic acid, which is a mild exfoliator and not harsh at all to the skin. For this mask, mix ¼ cup milk with two tablespoons of honey and use a cotton ball, and cover the affected areas with it. If you want, you can also place a cotton strip and soak it in the mixture and use it as a sheet mask.

  1. Egg White and Lemon Juice

Egg white is an astringent, and it brightens along with exfoliating and lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents. The appearance of the pore can be made better, along with shrinking it with the help of this mask. Mix one egg white along with one tablespoon lemon juice and apply the mixture onto the face and leave until you feel that your skin is shrinking, and wash with cool water followed by a moisturizer. Also, using this to the whole face can enhance the appearance of your blemish and make the skin more radiant.

Every person who has stepped into puberty is prone to these acne problems. Sustaining them without cleaning can cause severe damage. So routine cleansing is a must if you want to have healthy skin. BHA’s and salicylic acid are helpful for blackhead removal, but these may be expensive and not handy to some people. These masks can be an effective solution for them. Try these make if you are one of them, and you’ll feel it’s worth it.

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