How to Buy 1 Lab Created Diamonds UK

If you are wondering how to buy lab created diamonds, you should be aware of a few things. For starters, lab grown diamonds are made from crystallized carbon, the same stuff that forms glacial and freezer ice. They have all the same properties, including the optical properties, as diamonds that are mined from the earth.

The diamond industry

If you are looking for a diamond ring in the UK, you should consider buying a lab created diamond. These diamonds are produced in laboratories and have the same certification and grading process as natural diamonds. These diamonds also come with laser-inscribed certificates and IGI reports. These UK companies are some of the best in the diamond industry and can provide you with a wide range of information on their products.

These diamonds are a cheaper alternative to mined diamonds and have similar chemical properties. In fact, only an expert can tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond. Plus, these diamonds offer the added benefits of sustainability, affordable prices, and high quality. There are also several reasons why you should consider lab grown diamonds for your next diamond purchase.

Best lab created diamond

The main benefit of buying lab-created diamonds from a trusted retailer is that you can be assured of a high quality stone. Some of the best lab created diamond retailers include James Allen, Blue Nile, and Clean Origin. They can also offer a wide selection of loose diamonds for you to choose from.

Lab grown diamonds are far cheaper than natural diamonds. They are also just as beautiful and authentic. The process of creating lab diamonds is highly efficient and involves high-tech equipment and top-class scientific minds. Since these stones are so rare, their prices reflect their quality. However, you should make sure that you check the lab grown diamond’s certification before making a purchase.

Environmentally friendly

The value of lab grown diamonds is undeniable. In many cases, you can get a 50% larger diamond for your money. In addition, these diamonds are environmentally friendly. Since they are grown in a lab rather than being mined, they are less damaging to the environment. They also help guard our precious natural resources for future generations.

The company behind Brilliant Earth lab created diamonds UK aims to make the diamond industry more ethical. Its mission is to uphold high ethical standards and avoid diamonds that finance wars. It also supports safe labor practices and the environment. As a part of the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, it contributes to the preservation of the tropical rainforests in Brazil. And through its blockchain technology, customers can track where their diamonds come from.

Diamonds and previews

To make the process more convenient, Brilliant Earth offers an online store, where customers can shop for diamonds. The site is user-friendly and organized by category. It also has a useful search function. Users can use the filters to narrow down the search results by exact specifications, country of origin, or diamond report. Moreover, the site includes real view diamonds and previews.

The company also offers a custom design option. The custom design process is easy and the customer can choose the style and shape of the diamond. In addition to this, Brilliant Earth offers different options for the setting, diamond, precious metal, and the cost. The website also offers an education section, which offers useful information on the company’s mission and the diamond choosing process.

Confidence to customers

For further peace of mind, Brilliant Earth has partnered with SCS Global Services, an independent third-party audit firm that evaluates the social and environmental claims of businesses. Consequently, SCS has verified that Brilliant Earth’s suppliers are following its chain of custody protocol. SCS has also verified the origin of the diamonds, which should give more confidence to customers.

Brilliant Earth sources diamonds from countries that follow international environmental standards. These diamonds are conflict-free, and are mined using sustainable practices. Some reputable jewelers also purchase diamonds from companies that follow the Kimberly Process and Blue Nile’s social responsibility program. Moreover, the company also sells lab-created diamonds and recycled diamonds.


These diamonds are incredibly affordable compared to natural diamonds. Typically, lab-grown diamonds cost about 20-30% less than naturally mined ones. This means that they’re a viable option for people with limited budgets. The company’s inventory includes over 800 lab-grown diamonds in different carat and shape varieties.

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