Indoor vs. Outdoor Fashion Photography, All You Need To Know

Fashion photography is commonly known as taking pictures of designer clothes, items, and/or accessories aesthetically to enhance its features, looks, benefits, purpose, and so on. It is essential that these items be photographed. Many professionals have many different techniques and skills to put together a picture that speaks enough about a particular dress, for example, to catch the audience’s attention.

While there are different genres of fashion photography, for example, high fashion photography editing and urban or street fashion photography etc., they all serve other purposes and have specific motives.

Indoor Fashion

Camera Quality

If you see popular fashion magazines, a lot of the time, the models are pictured inside a studio, house, buildings, etc., other premises. The central aspect of indoor photography is how high quality the camera is because a good DSLR can make most of the differences in a picture.


Another factor to consider is that there needs to be perfect lighting inside the studio. Often even with a lot of lighting, the pictures may not look as aesthetically pleasing, or the models may not look as lively as you would want them to. It’s probably because the lighting does not look natural; as a result, the shadows don’t hit the exact part of the body or frame that it’s supposed to. This is why product photography is preferred over catalog photography most of the time because if there are models involved, the photographer needs to make sure the models look natural. Thus, lighting accessories are a must for indoor photoshoots.

Distance matters

When you are taking pictures indoors, there is a high chance the pictures’ framing will be top-notch because most of the time, cameras are placed on a stand from a certain distance because of which, all the pictures come out similar.

Outdoor Fashion


Most popular fashion photography is done outdoors. Examples of successful photoshoots include street fashion. One of the perks of shooting outside is that the light is natural, and you will not need artificial lights to enhance color. You can always edit pictures to seem darker and gloomy, but natural light is essential for photoshoots.

Unpredictable Weather

On the flip side, you have to be prepared for bad weather too. For example, suppose it is a tropical region or some area where the wind is too strong. In that case, everyone may struggle and end up with bad pictures because fashion photography is all about making the subject look effortless and elegant.

The World is Your Prop

One great thing about the outdoors is that anything and everything can be your prop if you want it to be. Whether you are leaning against a wall or you’re running through a meadow etc. Nature should look included in the picture and yet not overpower the main subject of the photograph. It is vital to make sure the subject and the environment complement each other, or the images will look out of place. For example, the color of the dress should have a balance of contrast with whatever the background is.

You can also try photo editing special effects to reinforce your brand identity and polish your products. Small changes here and there and editing will make pictures look more animated and enthusiastic. Moreover, whether or not it’s an indoor or outdoor shoot, models should feel comfortable in their space and clothes for them to feel and look confident. Both setups have ups and downs. Inevitably it depends on what kind of picture the photographer wants to portray.

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